ComponentOne FlexChart for WinForms
C1.Win.Chart Namespace
Inheritance Hierarchy
ClassRepresents an axis in the chart.
ClassRepresents a Box-whisker series of FlexChart.
ClassSpecifies chart options.
ClassSpecifies visual style for chart elements.
ClassRepresents chart title(header or footer).
ClassRepresents chart tootip.
ClassRepresents a label associated with data point.
ClassBase class for data label.
ClassRepresents an ErrorBar series of FlexChart
ClassRepresents a charting control that provides a powerful and flexible way to visualize data.
ClassBase class for chart controls.
ClassRepresents a charting control that renders pie chart.
ClassRepresents a charting control that renders radar chart and polar chart.
ClassRepresents a histogram.
ClassRepresents chart legend.
ClassSpecifies the Gaussian data distribution
ClassRepresents a data label for FlexPie.
ClassRepresents plot area in FlexChart.
ClassRepresents series in FlexRadar control.
ClassRepresents a histogram.
ClassArguments for RenderDataLabel event.
ClassRender event arguments.
ClassRender node event arguments.
ClassRepresents render event argument class
ClassRender symbol event arguments.
ClassRepresents a series of data points to display in the chart.
ClassProvides arguments for series-related event.
ClassStatic class containing UI strings used by the designer.
ClassRepresents a Sunburst chart control.
ClassRepresents a TreeMap chart control.
ClassRepresents a trend line for FlexChart and FinancialChart.
ClassRepresents a Waterfall series for FlexChart.
EnumerationSpecifies binding mode.
EnumerationSpecifies smoothing modes.
EnumerationSpecifies image format.
EnumerationSpecifies chart render mode.
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