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Axis Scaling
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Sometimes, you require distinguishing the data plotted by the series in the chart. The need arises when the data points of the series do not fall in the same range. In other words, the Y axis of the series contain values in different ranges. For instance, there could be two series. The Y values for one might lie between 0 and 100 and that for the other between 0 and -100. In addition, the data of the series could require different scales altogether. In such cases, displaying the Y values of the series on a single Y-axis can confuse the interpretation of the data and overlap the same as well.

FlexChart allows you to deal with such cases by letting you scale the Axis (primary and additional) by using the Min, the Max, and the MajorUnit properties. You can even apply these properties to an additional Y-axis for plotting the Y values for one of the series for better data representation.