ComponentOne DashboardLayout for WinForms
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Tool-icon is a multifunctional tool which appears as an icon either on the surface or in the header of the child container when it is selected with mouse hover. It appears as three dots positioned vertically.

The tool-icon can be used to drag and drop a child container by hovering the mouse over it and dragging the child container to another position. On clicking, the tool-icon opens a context menu which by default, displays the options for maximizing or hiding a child container. You can also double-click the tool-icon to maximize or restore the child container.

Furthermore, DashboardLayout allows you to set the location of the tool-icon on the child container using ToolIconAppearance property of the DashboardOptions class. This property accepts one of the following values from the ToolIconAppearance enumeration:

By default, the value of ToolIconAppearance property is set to None so the tool-icon is not visible.

The following image shows the tool-icon located at the upperleft corner of the child container:

The following code shows an example to set the location of the tool-icon:

c1DashboardLayout1.Options.ToolIconAppearance = C1.Win.Layout.ToolIconAppearance.UpperLeft;

When the header is set on a child container, the tool-icon appears on the right side of the header. Otherwise, the tool-icon appears on the surface of the child container. If the tool-icon is not visible, the context menu appears on right clicking the child container.

For styling the tool-icon, refer Dashboard Styling topic.