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C1.Win.Layout Namespace : ILayout Interface

The following tables list the members exposed by ILayout.

Public Properties
 PropertyReturns main container for dashboard itemContainers  
 PropertyReturns DashboardCollection list of Dashboard DashboardItem items  
 PropertyReturns System.Collections.IList list of ItemContainer instances.  
Public Methods
 MethodAttaches dashboard ItemContainers to layout control.  
 Method (Inherited from System.ComponentModel.ISupportInitialize)
 MethodDefines whether the ItemContainer instance can be dragged or resized.  
 MethodCreates an ItemContainer.  
 MethodRemoves selection from ItemContainer instance.  
 MethodDetaches dashboard itemContainers from layout control.  
 Method (Inherited from System.ComponentModel.ISupportInitialize)
 MethodLooks for ItemCotainer with defined unique identifier.  
 MethodReturns System.Drawing.Rectangle bounds of the ItemContainer.  
 MethodReturns face image of ItemContainer instance.  
 MethodGets Id for ItemContainer instance.  
 MethodReturns ItemContainer instance at point.  
 MethodGets the Dashboard properties for item.  
 MethodInitializes a newly created layout. The method is called when a C1DashboardLayout is first initialized, typically after being first added to a design surface.  
 MethodDefines whether the object is an ItemContainer.  
 MethodRestores elements of the child container.  
 MethodMaximizes ItemContainer  
 MethodRemoves an ItemContainer.  
 MethodRestores maximized ItemContainer to it's original size.  
 MethodStores elements of the child container.  
 MethodSelects ItemContainer instance.  
 MethodSets bounds for the ItemContainer instance.  
 MethodSet appropriate delegates in order to control adding/removing/synchronizing ItemContainers by C1DashboardLayout instance.  
 MethodSets Id for ItemContainer instance.  
 MethodSets the Dashboard properties for item.  
 MethodSets parent for ILayout container.  
 MethodReplaces the ItemContainer instance by placeholder or replaces the placeholder by ItemContainer instance.  
 MethodSet RightToLeft property to maximized panel: control elements are displayed from right to left  
 MethodUpdates style according to the current theme.  
 MethodForce Layout control to use the Dashboard options.  
 MethodApply the specified theme to layout  
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