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The C1DashboardLayout is a layout control that lets you design dynamic screens and dashboards.
Object Model
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Public Class C1DashboardLayout 
   Inherits System.Windows.Forms.Control
public class C1DashboardLayout : System.Windows.Forms.Control 

The C1DashboardLayout class allows you to define the behavior of the DashboardLayout control with the help of following options:


This example instantiates the object of C1DashboardLayout and shows its basic implementation with various options mentioned above.

private void InitializeDashboardLayout()
     //Initialize the DashboardLayout Control
     C1DashboardLayout c1DashboardLayout1 = new C1.Win.Layout.C1DashboardLayout(); 
     c1DashboardLayout1.Dock = DockStyle.Fill;
     //Setting the type of layout through C1DashboardLayout's LayoutType property.
     c1DashboardLayout1.LayoutType = C1.Win.Layout.LayoutType.Flow;
     //Adding child containers and controls to the DashboardLayout
     c1DashboardLayout1.Items.Add(Guid.NewGuid().ToString(), new List<Control>() { new Button() { Text = "New Button", Location = new Point(10, 10) } });
     c1DashboardLayout1.Items.Add(Guid.NewGuid().ToString(), new List<Control>() { new Label() { Text = "New Label", Location = new Point(10, 10) } });
     //Removing child container from the DashboardLayout
     //Adding header to the child container
     c1DashboardLayout1.SetCaption(c1DashboardLayout1.Items[0].ItemContainer,"First Child Container");
     //Sets the minimum and maximum size to which the child containers can be resized
     c1DashboardLayout1.Options.MinimumItemContainerSize = new System.Drawing.Size(100, 100);
     c1DashboardLayout1.Options.MaximumItemContainerSize = new System.Drawing.Size(500, 500);
     //Maximizes the specified child container
     //Restores the maximized child container
     //Gets the selected child container
     DashboardItem selectedItem=c1DashboardLayout1.GetSelectedItem();
     //Styling the tool-icon
     c1DashboardLayout1.Styles.ItemContainer.ToolIcon = Properties.Resources.ToolIcon;
     c1DashboardLayout1.Styles.ItemContainer.ToolIconColor = Color.Green;

     //Sets the position of the tool-icon to upper left corner of the child containers
     c1DashboardLayout1.Options.ToolIconAppearance = ToolIconAppearance.UpperLeft;
     //Customizes the context menu strip which is shown on the click of the tool-icon
     c1DashboardLayout1.Options.ContextMenuStrip = contextMenuStrip1;
private void LoadDashboardLayout()
     //Loads the layout properties from an XML file.
private void SaveDashboardLayout()
     //Saves the layout properties to an XML file.
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