ComponentOne DashboardLayout for WinForms
C1.Win.C1SplitContainer Namespace
Inheritance Hierarchy
ClassRepresents a container for resizable docked panels.
ClassRepresents a single panel in a C1SplitContainer.
ClassProvides data for the C1SplitterPanel.DrawHeader event.
ClassProvides data for the C1SplitterPanel.DrawSplitter event.
ClassRepresents a collection of C1SplitterPanel objects.
DelegateRepresents a delegate that handles the C1SplitterPanel.DrawHeader event.
DelegateRepresents a delegate that handles the C1SplitterPanel.DrawSplitter event.
EnumerationSpecifies position in which a C1SplitterPanel is docked.
EnumerationSpecifies alignment of text on the panel caption.
EnumerationSpecifies a background gradient for the tooltips.
EnumerationSpecifies a visual style to use when rendering the control.
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C1.Win.C1SplitContainer.4 Assembly