ComponentOne SplitContainer for WinForms
SplitContainer for WinForms Overview

Create highly sophisticated resizable panels in your applications without using any resizing code with SplitContainer for WinForms (C1SplitContainer). C1SplitContainer’s WYSIWYG designer, support for multiple panels inside a container, and wide range of appearance properties gives you a customizable and flexible split container control that is very easy to use.

C1SplitContainer is a container control for resizable docked panels. The C1SplitContainer control allows you to dock multiple panels to either side of the container control. SplitContainer for WinForms includes many features such as flexible layout (nested panels, resizable panels, and collapsing handles), and user interface features (including Office 2007 and Office 2010 Visual Styles), that you can use to create complex user interfaces.

Getting Started