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Technical Support

ComponentOne offers various support options. For a complete list and a description of each, visit the ComponentOne Web site at

Some methods for obtaining technical support include:

      Online Resources
ComponentOne provides customers with a comprehensive set of technical resources in the form of FAQs, samples and videos, Version Release History, searchable Knowledge base, searchable Online Help and more. We recommend this as the first place to look for answers to your technical questions.

      Online Support via our Incident Submission Form
This online support service provides you with direct access to our Technical Support staff via an online incident submission form. When you submit an incident, you'll immediately receive a response via e-mail confirming that you've successfully created an incident. This email will provide you with an Issue Reference ID and will provide you with a set of possible answers to your question from our Knowledgebase. You will receive a response from one of the ComponentOne staff members via e-mail in 2 business days or less.

      Product Forums
ComponentOne's product forums are available for users to share information, tips, and techniques regarding ComponentOne products. ComponentOne developers will be available on the forums to share insider tips and technique and answer users' questions. Please note that a ComponentOne User Account is required to participate in the ComponentOne Product Forums.

      Installation Issues
Registered users can obtain help with problems installing ComponentOne products. Contact technical support by using the online incident submission form or by phone (412.681.4738). Please note that this does not include issues related to distributing a product to end-users in an application.

Microsoft integrated ComponentOne documentation can be installed with each of our products, and documentation is also available online. If you have suggestions on how we can improve our documentation, please email the Documentation team. Please note that e-mail sent to the Documentation team is for documentation feedback only. Technical Support and Sales issues should be sent directly to their respective departments.

Note: You must create a ComponentOne Account and register your product with a valid serial number to obtain support using some of the above methods.

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