ComponentOne Scheduler for ASP.NET: Scheduler for ASP.NET AJAX Top Tips

Scheduler for ASP.NET AJAX Top Tips

This section details some tips and best practices that may be helpful when using Scheduler for ASP.NET AJAX. The following tips were compiled from frequently asked user questions posted in the Scheduler for ASP.NET AJAX forum.

Tip 1: Use the ScriptManager Control

ComponentOne Scheduler for ASP.NET AJAX requires that Microsoft ASP.NET AJAX Extensions and a ScriptManager control are included in your project before the C1Schedule control is placed on the page. This allows you to take advantage of ASP.NET AJAX and certain features such as partial-page rendering and client-script functionality of the Microsoft AJAX Library.

Tip 2: Limit the Number of C1Schedule Controls Per Page

A best practice is to limit the number of C1Schedule controls included per page. Each control uses client script for initialization and redraw operations and from a performance view reducing the number of controls on the page will reduce number of the rendered DOM nodes and reduce client script load. If a page includes several rich controls, such as 3 or more C1Schedule controls, then performance may be decreased.

Tip 3: Set Visual Styles to Change the Appearance of the Control

Scheduler for ASP.NET AJAX includes several built-in visual styles, including Vista and Office 2007 styles, to quickly style your application. See Visual Styles for more information. You can also create your own custom visual style based on an existing visual style. See Visual Styles for more information.

Tip 4: Customize Dialog Boxes

You can change the appearance of dialog boxes by modifying schedule dialog box templates. To do so you would need to:

1.   Assign the needed path to the DialogsPath property. Note that the dialog boxs path must be located within Web Application path due to security restrictions (for example, "~/Schedule/Dialogs").

2.   Right-click the C1Schedule control and select Get dialogs templates in the context menu.

3.   Open the Appointment.ascx file from newly created folder and add needed modifications.

For example, to modify the toolbar's background color to yellow, you could replace

<div class="C1DlgToolbar">


<div class="C1DlgToolbar" style="background-color:yellow; background-image: none;">

Tip 5: User Client-Side Script to Save Server Load

Scheduler for ASP.NET AJAX had a robust client-side object model, where a majority of server-side properties can be set on the client-side and client-side events are described in the properties window. When a C1Schedule control is rendered, an instance of the client side control will be created automatically. This means that you can enjoy the convenience of accessing properties and methods of the C1Schedule control without having to postback to the server. See Client-Side Functionality in Scheduler for ASP.NET AJAX for more information.

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