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Client-Side Events

C1Schedule includes a rich client-side object model in which includes several client-side events. You can access these client-side events from the Properties window. To create a new client-side event, select the drop-down arrow next to a client-side event and select Add new client side handler.



A placeholder for the client-side event will be added in the Source view. The placeholder will appear similar to the following:

<script type="text/javascript" id="ComponentOneClientScript">

function C1Schedule1_OnClientBeforeAppointmentCreate(eventArgs){


  // Put your code here.




Add your script within the placeholder function.

Available Client-Side Events

The following table names and describes the built-in client-side events available for your use:


Client-Side Event



Fires on client side before appointment create.


Fires on client side before appointment delete.


Fires on client side before appointment update.


Fires on client side before dialog open.


Fires on client side before view change.


Fires on the client side after cells selection changed.


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