Represents a collection of mappings for properties of the BasePersistableObject object to the appropriate data fields. Names of properties are keys in this collection.

Namespace:  C1.C1Schedule
Assembly:  C1.Web.UI.Controls.2 (in C1.Web.UI.Controls.2.dll)


public class MappingCollectionBase<T> : KeyedCollection<string, MappingInfo>, 
	IComponent, IDisposable
where T : new(), BasePersistableObject
Visual Basic
<TypeConverterAttribute(GetType(ComponentConverter))> _
Public Class MappingCollectionBase(Of T As {New, BasePersistableObject}) _
	Inherits KeyedCollection(Of String, MappingInfo) _
	Implements IComponent, IDisposable

Type Parameters

The type of the objects for mapping. It should be derived from the BasePersistableObjectclass and have the default parameter-less constructor.

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