The Appointment type exposes the following members.


  Name Description
Public method BeginEdit
Prevents the Appointment object from being updated until the EndEdit(Boolean) method is called.
(Overrides BasePersistableObject..::..BeginEdit()()()().)
Public method CancelEdit
Discards changes since the last BeginEdit()()()() call.
(Inherited from BasePersistableObject.)
Public method ClearRecurrencePattern
Removes the recurrence settings and restores the NotRecurring state for an appointment.
Public method Copy
Creates the copy of the Appointment object.
Public method CopyFrom
Copies properties from the specified Appointment object to this one.
Public method Delete
Deletes an appointment and removes it from the owning AppointmentCollection collection.
Public method EndEdit
Finishes edit mode started by the BeginEdit()()()() method and updates a corresponding data source item.
(Inherited from BasePersistableObject.)
Public method FromXml(XmlNode)
Reconstructs appointment from an XmlNode.
(Overrides BasePersistableObject..::..FromXml(XmlNode).)
Public method FromXml(XmlReader)
Reconstructs appointment from an XmlReader.
(Overrides BasePersistableObject..::..FromXml(XmlReader).)
Public method FromXml(Stream)
Loads an object from the specified Stream.
(Inherited from BasePersistableObject.)
Public method GetAppointmentProperties
Returns XML encoding of appointment properties.
Public method GetRecurrencePattern
Returns the RecurrencePattern object that represents the recurrence attributes of an appointment. If there is no existing recurrence pattern, a new empty RecurrencePattern object is returned.
Public method GetTimeTillEvent
Returns a time term before the appointment start; a negative value means that appointment is expired.
Public method IsGroupMember
Returns True if the current Appointment object is a member of a group which is specified by the groupOwner and groupBy parameters; False otherwise.
Public method SaveAs
Saves the appointment to the specified path in the format of the specified file format.
Public method SetAppointmentProperties
Reconstructs appointment properties from the specified string.
Public method ToXml(XmlWriter)
Creates an XML encoding of the appointment.
(Overrides BasePersistableObject..::..ToXml(XmlWriter).)
Public method ToXml(Stream)
Saves an object to the specified Stream.
(Inherited from BasePersistableObject.)

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