The Reminder type exposes the following members.


  Name Description
Public method Dismiss
Dismisses the current Reminder object.
Public method Snooze
The Snooze(TimeSpan) method notifies the scheduler to defer the triggering of a reminder by the specified interval.


  Name Description
Public property Caption
Gets the String value representing the window caption text of the Appointment object which the Reminder object is applied to.
Public property IsActive
Gets a value that determines if the Reminder object is currently active (visible).
Public property NextReminderDate
Gets the DateTime value indicating the next time the specified reminder will occur.
Public property OriginalReminderDate
Gets the DateTime value specifying the original date and time that the specified reminder is set to occur. It is calculated using the following formula: OriginalReminderDate = Start - ReminderTimeBeforeStart.
Public property ParentAppointment
Gets the owning Appointment object.

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