The C1RecurrencePattern type exposes the following members.


  Name Description
Public property DayOfMonth
Gets or sets the number of the day in its respective month on which each occurrence will occur. Applicable only when the RecurrenceType()()()() property is set to Monthly or Yearly.
Public property DayOfWeekMask
Gets or sets the WeekDaysEnum value representing the mask for week days on which the recurring appointment occurs. Monthly and yearly patterns are only valid for a single day. Weekly patterns are only valid as the Or of the DayOfWeekMask.
Public property Interval
Gets or sets the Int32 value specifying the interval between occurrences of the recurrence. The Interval property works in conjunction with the RecurrenceType()()()() property to determine the cycle of the recurrence. The maximum allowable value is 99 for weekly patterns and 999 for daily patterns.
Public property IsPendingInstance
Is this pattern instance pending.
Public property MonthOfYear
Gets or sets the value indicating which month of the year is valid for the specified recurrence pattern. Can be a number from 1 to 12. This property is only valid for recurrence patterns whose RecurrenceType()()()() property is set to YearlyNth or Yearly.
Public property NoEndDate
Gets or sets the Boolean value indicating if the recurrence pattern is endless.
Public property Occurrences
Gets or sets the number of occurrences for the recurrence pattern. This property allows the definition of a recurrence pattern that is only valid for the specified number of subsequent occurrences. For example, you can set this property to 10 for a formal training course that will be held on the next ten Thursday evenings.
Public property ParentAppointment
Gets the parent appointment that will serve as the template for this pattern.
Public property PatternEndDate
Gets or sets the DateTime value indicating the end time for the given occurrence of the recurrence pattern.
Public property PatternStartDate
Gets or sets the DateTime value indicating the start date of the recurrence pattern.

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