The AppointmentDialog type exposes the following members.


  Name Description
Public method AppointmentDialog
Initializes a new instance of the AppointmentDialog class.


  Name Description
Public method Close
Close dialog.
(Inherited from DialogBase.)
Public method Dispose
Releases unmanaged and - optionally - managed resources
(Inherited from DialogBase.)
Public method Initialize
Initialize appointment dialog, note this method will load dialog template from server if needed.
(Overrides DialogBase..::..Initialize(Dictionary, String).)
Public method PrintWithPreview
Print appointment with preview.
Public method Save
Save appointment.
Public method SetAppointmentDirty
Indicate whether appointment is changed and must be saved on "Save and close" button click.
Public method SetApptDlgMessageLabelText
Set message label text on appointment dialog.
Public method ShowAddNewAppointmentDialog
Shows the add new appointment dialog.
Public method ShowEditAppointmentDialog
Shows the edit appointment dialog.
Public method UpdateDialogTitle
Update dialog title.


  Name Description
Public property IsDialogOpened
Gets a value indicating whether this instance is dialog opened.
(Inherited from DialogBase.)
Public property VisualStyle
Gets or sets the visual style.
(Overrides DialogBaseVisualStyle()()()().)

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