The C1Schedule type exposes the following members.


  Name Description
Public method C1Schedule
Initializes a new instance of the C1Schedule class.


  Name Description
Public method Dispose
Releases unmanaged and - optionally - managed resources
(Overrides ComponentDispose()()()().)
Public method GetDisplayDate
Gets the current display date of the control.
Public method GetViewType
Gets the current view type of the control.
Public method Initialize
Initializes this instance.
(Overrides ComponentInitialize()()()().)
Public method Invalidate
Invalidates the entire surface of the control and causes the control to be redrawn.
(Overrides C1ThemeableControlBaseInvalidate()()()().)
Public method IsDayOrWorkWeekView
Determines whether view type is day or work week.
Public method NavigateDatesLeft
Navigates the dates left.
Public method NavigateDatesRight
Navigates the dates right.
Public method RemoveAppointments
Removes the appointment instance from the data store.
Public method SaveAppointment
Saves the appointment data.
Public method SetDisplayDate
Sets the display date of the control.
Public method SetStatus
Sets the current status of the control.
Public method SetViewType
Sets the view type of the control.
Public method UpdateReminders
Updates the reminders data.
Public method UpdateWebScheduleObjects
Updates the master list elements.


  Name Description
Public property AccessKey
Gets or sets the access key that allows you to quickly navigate to the Web server control.
Public property Appointments
Appointment list for this Web Schedule instance.
Public property AppointmentText
Format of text in the appointment. {0} = Start, {1} = End, {2} = Subject, {3} = Location, {4} = Reserved(not used), {5} = body, {6} = line break.
Public property BoldedDates
Gets the bolded day dates (days that contains appointments).
Public property Calendar
Gets or sets the related C1Calendar control.
Public property Categories
Gets a Categories Collection object.
Public property Contacts
Gets a Contacts Collection object.
Public property Culture
C1Schedule control cultrue.
Public property DataAreaScrollTop
Indicates DataArea scroll position for Day and WorkWeek Views.
Public property DefaultWeekViewLayout
Gets or sets the DefaultWeekViewLayout value determining currently displayed week view layout.
Public property EditOptions
Determines the set of edit options available to the end-user.
Public property Enabled
Gets or sets a value indicating whether the Web server control is enabled.
Public property EndDayTimeM
Gets the end working day time in minutes. Used by control internally.
Public property EndViewTimeM
Gets the end view time in minutes. Used by control internally.
Public property Height
Gets or sets the height.
Public property Labels
Gets a LabelCollection object that contains Labels related information.
Public property Resources
Schedule resouces list


Resource object id is used as index.
Public property SelectedDate
Gets or sets the selected date.
Public property SelectedDates
Gets a collection of DateTime objects that represent the selected dates on the C1WebSchedule control for DayView.
Public property ShowAppointmentToolTip
Gets or sets a value indicating whether show appointment ToolTip when mouse is over appointment.
Public property ShowReminderForm
Gets or sets a value indicating whether the reminder form will be shown.
Public property ShowWorkTimeOnly
Gets or sets a value indicating if the control should show only working hours in a Day View.
Public property StartDayTime
Gets the start day time. Used by control internally.
Public property Statuses
Gets a Status Collection object.
Public property TimeInterval
Gets the TimeInterval.
Public property UniqueID
Gets the unique, hierarchically qualified identifier for the server control.
Public property ViewType
Gets or sets the ViewType value determining currently displayed view.
Public property VisualStyle
Gets or sets the C1Schedule control visual style.
(Overrides C1ThemeableControlBaseVisualStyle()()()().)
Public property Width
Gets or sets the width.
Public property WorkWeekOptionMode
Gets or sets the WorkWeekOptionMode value determining the way the work week option is displayed.


  Name Description
Public event BeforeAppointmentCreate
Occurs befone an appointment is created.
Public event BeforeAppointmentDelete
Occurs before an appointment is deleted.
Public event BeforeAppointmentUpdate
Occurs before an appointment is updated.
Public event BeforeDialogOpen
Occurs before a dialog is opened.
Public event BeforeViewChange
Occurs before the view type is changed.
Public event CellsSelectionChanged
Occurs when the cells selection is changed.

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