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Selecting Calendar Week Numbers
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When the ShowWeekNumbers property is enabled for the calendar, the weeknumbers appear vertically on the left side of the calendar. The weeknumbers represent a week number for each week in the calendar month. In the calendar year there are a total of 52 weeks so the weeknumbers will range from 1 to 52.

You can use the weeknumber selector to select the weeknumbers in the calendar at run time if you enable the day and weeknumber values for the SelectionMode property. By default, only the day is enabled for the SelectionMode property.

In Design View:

To enable week number selection, complete the following:

  1. Add a C1Calendar to your Web form.
  2. In C1Calendar's Properties window, set the ShowWeekNumbers property to True.
  3. In C1Calendar's Properties window, expand the node for the SelectionMode property and set WeekNumber to True.

In Source View:

To write code in Source View

<cc1:C1Calendar ID="C1Calendar1" runat="server" ShowWeekNumbers="True">
        <SelectionMode WeekNumber="True" />

This topic illustrates the following:

To select a specific week on the calendar month, move your cursor over a week number.

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