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Selecting Calendar Month
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To enable calendar month selection, set the month value to true for the SelectionMode property and the ShowWeekNumbers property to true like the following:

In Design View:

  1. Add a C1Calendar to your Web form.
  2. In C1Calendar's Properties window, set the ShowWeekNumbers property to True.
  3. In C1Calendar's Properties window, expand the node for the SelectionMode property and set Month to True.

In Source View:

To write code in Source View

<cc1:C1Calendar ID="C1Calendar1" runat="server" ShowWeekNumbers="True">
        <SelectionMode Month="True" />

This topic illustrates the following:

The MonthSelectorImage appears in the upper left corner of the month view. The month selector selects all of the days of the month when the mouse cursor is placed over it.

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