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Previewing the Next Calendar Month
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In circumstances when you don't want to change the current month when checking for the beginning and ending dates of the next or previous you can use the calendar preview feature. The preview Calendar provides a preview area that displays a popup calendar for the previous or next calendar views (months). This functionality is available when you set the allowPreview option to True.

In Design View:

To preview the next calendar month, complete the following steps:

  1. Add a C1Calendar to your Web form.
  2. In C1Calendar's Properties window, set the AllowPreview property to True.

In Source View:

To write code in Source View

<cc1:C1Calendar ID="C1Calendar1" runat="server" AllowPreview="True"> </cc1:C1Calendar>

This topic illustrates the following:

When the project is loaded, you can preview the next or previous month by hovering over the indicators on either side of the control:

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