Calendar for ASP.NET Web Forms
Date Format Pattern
Behavior > Calendar Dates > Date Format Pattern

The table below displays a list of the standard date format characters supported by C1Calendar. The format characters are case-sensitive; for example, 'd' and 'D' represent different patterns.

Format Character Associated Property/Description Data Format Example
d ShortDatePattern 1/23/07
D LongDatePattern Tuesday, January 23, 2007
dddd, MMMMM dd Day_name, Month_name Day Tuesday, January 23
d MMMM Day Month_name 23 January
ddd Full week day name Tuesday
"d Short week day name Tue
"'d Day of month 23

The standard date formats can be combined with string elements to achieve more advanced date processing and display.

C1Calendar's TitleFormat property provides several pre-determined formats processed from the date picture strings elements for the Calendar Title display. For more information on how to use the format strings these when formatting the Calendar Title, see Apply Built-in Date Format Patterns to Calendar Title.

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