Calendar for ASP.NET Web Forms
Culture (Regional) Settings

Regional settings affect most aspects of C1Calendar functionality. Formatting and performing data input depend on cultural settings for string comparison, numeric and date time format patterns, and special characters, such as decimal point character. C1Calendar supports full localization on weekdays and title through the System.Globalization Namespace. This namespace consists of several classes which include information that pertains to the culture such as the language, the country/region that calendars in use, the format patterns for dates, currency, and numbers, and the sort order for strings.

The string displayed on the weekdays and title depends on the language you specify for the Culture property. You can easily define the culture for C1Calendar by setting the value of the Culture property in the designer, declaratively in the .aspx file, or programmatically in the code behind file.

To see how to apply culture settings to C1Calendar, see Selecting the Culture.

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