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Calendar Selection
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C1Calendar has multiple calendar selection options for selecting single or multiple days on the calendar through the SelectionMode property. The default selection is set for selecting single days.

The SelectionMode property contains the following selection types:

Selection type Description
Day One day can be selected.
Days Multiple days can be selected, by pressing the CTRL or SHIFT keys.
Month Entire month is selectable.
WeekDay Week days are selectable.
WeekNumber Week numbers are selectable.

Each selection type includes a unique style property so you can apply different styles for each selection type so the user can visually differentiate between the selection types on the calendar control.

You can specify the maximal and minimal date for date selection on the calendar through the MaxDate and MinDate properties. By default the minimum is 1/1/900 and the maximum date is 12/31/2099. When the maximum and minimal dates are applied, the dates past these values become unselectable. As a result, the selection style or action will not be applicable if the user attempts to select a date past the specified range.

When you need to select a specific range of dates such as all of the dates in the first calendar week or all of the weekends you can use the calendar selectors provided to automatically select the dates with one selection. Rather than having to make multiple clicks on the mouse or multiple pressings on the keys you can simply highlight your mouse over the selector to select the specified range of days. For more information on the selectors, see Calendar Selectors.

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