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One-Touch Printing (Pro Edition)
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In the WebViewer control, when the ViewerType is set to FlashViewer, you can provide one-touch printing. This opens the Print dialog as soon as you run your application. This feature is available in the Professional Edition only.

Note: Flash viewer is deprecated and will be obsolete in ActiveReports 12.

The following steps assume that you have already created a Web Application in Visual Studio and added a WebViewer control on the aspx page. See Adding ActiveReports Controls and Getting Started with the WebViewer for further information.

  1. Add an ActiveReport to the project. See Adding an ActiveReport to a Project for further details.
  2. Go to the aspx page of your application which contains the WebViewer.
  3. With the WebViewer control selected, go to the Properties Window, and make the following changes:
    • Set the ReportName property to the name of your report.
    • Set the ViewerType property to FlashViewer.
    • Expand the FlashViewerOptions > PrintOptions node, and set the StartPrint property to True.
    • If you do not want to display the report to the user, set the Height and Width properties to '1'.
      With Height and Width properties set to '1', it takes less time to display the dialog as opposed to the value '0'.
  4. Copy the ActiveReports.FlashViewer.swf file into your project folder where your aspx file is located. You can get this file from the ...\GrapeCity\ActiveReports 12\Deployment\Flash folder.
  5. Run the project to see the Print dialog box and send the report to print by clicking the Print button.
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