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GrapeCity.Enterprise.Data.DataEngine Namespace
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GrapeCity.ActiveReports.v12 Assembly : GrapeCity.Enterprise.Data.DataEngine Namespace
ClassRaised when custom code cannot be executed in the current execution environment.
ClassBase class for data engine exceptions.
ClassDefines data tree result structures.
ClassBase class for data regions.
ClassList data region.
ClassData scope
ClassDefines data tree with its definition.
ClassTablix data.
ClassTablix member data.
ClassTablix row data
ClassDefines data tree definition classes.
ClassContent definition
ClassDataSet region definition
ClassDefines filter.
ClassGroup definition
ClassList region definition
ClassParameter definition
ClassBase class for regions definitions
ClassReport data region definition
ClassSimple data region definition
ClassSpecifies how to sort members.
ClassSubreport definition
ClassTablix data region definition
ClassTablix member data definition
ClassTablix row data definition
ClassRaised when data definition (filters, sorting, etc) is not valid in specific scope.
ClassRaised when aggregate function has invalid scope argument or not specified when it is required.
ClassDefines single data record.
ClassComparer for the Variant type.
StructureDefines variant type.
EnumerationSpecifies the available filter operators.
EnumerationDefines the directions in which data can be sorted.
EnumerationDefines variant types.
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