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GrapeCity.Enterprise.Data.DataEngine.Expressions Namespace
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GrapeCity.ActiveReports.v12 Assembly : GrapeCity.Enterprise.Data.DataEngine.Expressions Namespace
ClassProvides additional methods to work with expressions
ClassThe ExpressionInfo class stores, evaluates, and provides information about an expression. ExpressionInfo provides aggregates, global collections, et cetera, as well as information about the expected data type of the expression's result.
ClassImplements a strongly typed collection for ExpressionInfo.
ClassProvides data for the ExpressionInfoCollection.ItemAdded or ExpressionInfoCollection.ItemRemoved event of the ExpressionInfoCollection.
ClassUsed to contain results from ExpressionInfo validation.
ClassContains information about an error (message and location).
DelegateRepresents the method that handles the ExpressionInfoCollection.ItemAdded or ExpressionInfoCollection.ItemRemoved event.
EnumerationEnum of expression reference types
EnumerationSpecifies the data type of an expression result.
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