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The following tables list the members exposed by ParameterCollection.

Public Properties
Public PropertyGets or sets the number of elements that the CustomPropertyDefinitionCollection can contain. (Inherited from System.Collections.CollectionBase)
Public PropertyGets the number of elements contained in the CustomPropertyDefinitionCollection instance. This property cannot be overridden.` (Inherited from System.Collections.CollectionBase)
Public PropertyTrue if this collection can not be modified.  
Public PropertyGets or sets a specific Parameter object in the ParameterCollection by position.  
Public Methods
Public MethodAdds a  Parameter object to the ParameterCollection.  
Public MethodAdds a  ParameterCollection to the existing ParameterCollection.  
Public MethodRemoves all objects from the DataGroupingCollection instance. This method cannot be overridden. (Inherited from System.Collections.CollectionBase)
Public MethodChecks whether parameter is contained withing this collection.  
Public MethodCopies contents of this collection to given array starting from specified index.  
Public MethodDetermines the index of a specific Parameter object in the  ParameterCollection.  
Public MethodInserts a  Parameter object to the  ParameterCollection.  
Public MethodRemoves the parameter from this collection.  
Public MethodRemoves the element at the specified index of the DataCellCollection instance. This method is not overridable. (Inherited from System.Collections.CollectionBase)
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