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DataElementOutput Enumeration

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Defines how an item should appear in data output.
Public Enum DataElementOutput 
   Inherits System.Enum
public enum DataElementOutput : System.Enum 
AutoIf the item is a text box with a constant value, such as a label, the item does not appear (NoOutput). If the item is a rectangle, the output is the same as it is for ContentsOnly. For all other report items, the item appears in the output (Output).
ContentsOnlyApplies to XML only. Indicates the item does not appear in the XML, but the contents of the item are rendered as part of the containing report control. ContentsOnly can only be used with lists.
NoOutputIndicates the item should not appear in the output.
OutputIndicates the item should appear in the output.
Some ReportItems do not support all values (for example List and Table do not support Auto).
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