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GrapeCity.ActiveReports.Extensibility.Rendering.Components Namespace
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GrapeCity.ActiveReports.Extensibility.v12 Assembly : GrapeCity.ActiveReports.Extensibility.Rendering.Components Namespace
The GrapeCity.ActiveReports.Extensibility.Rendering.Components namespace includes the description of the components that are required for rendering reports.
ClassUtility methods on IItemCollection.
InterfaceInterface for action items.
InterfaceInterface for the Band of a BandedList
InterfaceInterface for a banded list report item.
InterfaceDefines the body element for a report. This is the parent container for all report items in the report.
InterfaceRepresents the CheckBox.
InterfaceInterface for CRIs.
InterfaceSpecial extension class for CRI with internal images.
InterfaceInterface for data regions.
InterfaceRepresents a data scope in a report at rendering time.
InterfaceInterface to unify document map nodes.
InterfaceInterface for drill through object.
InterfaceDefines container of IFixedPageContent objects.
InterfaceDefines content of a single FixedPage instance.
InterfaceInterface for the footer band of the banded list.
InterfaceDefines the formatted text rendering component.
InterfaceInterface for report items implementing frozen rows or columns feature
Interface for the header band of the banded list.
InterfaceInterface for images.
InterfaceRepresents the service to get images.
InterfaceRepresents the collection of T objects.
InterfaceInterface for the List ReportItem.
InterfaceInterface for a dictionary of meta data objects.
InterfaceInterface for members of the IMetadataDictionary
InterfaceInterface for meta data entry objects.
InterfaceInterface for overflow item.
InterfaceRepresents the page region
InterfaceInterface for page selection.
InterfaceInterface for Rectangle report item.
InterfaceInterface for render component objects.
InterfaceInterface for the Report object.
InterfaceInterface for report item objects.
InterfaceDefines container of IReportItem objects.
InterfaceDefines radii of rounded rectangle.
InterfaceUmbrella to unify IDataRegion and IBandedList data regions.
InterfaceInterface for Shape report item.
InterfaceAll static report items with static content
InterfaceInterface for the Style object.
InterfaceInterface for the subreport report item.
InterfaceInterface for the textbox report item.
InterfaceRepresents ToC item.
InterfaceRepresents table of contents level.
InterfaceRepresents table of contents list.
Specifies report entities whose visibility state can be toggled by Toggle report control.
InterfaceInterface for a collection of values.
InterfaceInterface for the visual appearance.
InterfaceInterface for a visual shape.
StructureEncapsulates the resulting change for interactivity action processed by IReportItem
StructureDefinition of a parameter for drillthrough action
StructureSpecifies the tab stop.
EnumerationSpecifies possible action type
EnumerationSpecifies the quality of the anti-aliasing .
EnumerationDefines the type of change resulting from Process() or an event handler for a custom report item.
EnumerationDefines how an item should appear in data output.
EnumerationIndicates whether an item should render as an element or attribute.
EnumerationEnumeration of image sources.
EnumerationSpecifies interactivity state to control area appearance.
EnumerationSpecifies metadata content type
EnumerationIndicates which mouse button was clicked
EnumerationSpecifies where a page break should occur for a Group, DataRegion or Rectangle.
EnumerationSpecifies the paper orientation of the report.
EnumerationDefines the position enumeration.
EnumerationDefines the shape style.
EnumerationSpecifies tab stop types.
EnumerationDefines enumeration of possible target devices for layer.
EnumerationSpecifies the quality of the anti-aliasing to be used with the TextAntiAliasingQuality property.
EnumerationSpecifies how tooltip should be displayed for this area
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