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GrapeCity.ActiveReports.Extensibility.Rendering.Components.Map Namespace
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GrapeCity.ActiveReports.Extensibility.v12 Assembly : GrapeCity.ActiveReports.Extensibility.Rendering.Components.Map Namespace
ClassDefines the properties for map sub items location.
ClassDefines the properties for map sub items size.
InterfaceInterface fot the embedded map tile.
InterfaceMap rendering component
InterfaceMap color scale rendering settings.
InterfaceMapColorScale rendering 'ticks'.
InterfaceRendering settings for MapColorScale title rendering.
InterfaceMap distance scale rendering settings.
InterfaceRepresents the dockable subitem of a map.
InterfaceBase interface for map meridians/parallels rendering.
InterfaceMap layer rendering item.
InterfaceMap legend rendering settings.
InterfaceMap legend rendering subitem.
InterfaceSpecifies the limits of a MapViewport element.
InterfaceRepresents the map spatial line.
InterfaceRepresents the marker for map spatial elements.
InterfaceRendering settings for MapMarker with Image style.
InterfaceRepresents the map spatial point.
InterfaceRepresents the map spatial polygon.
InterfaceRepresents the map spatial element.
InterfaceBase interface for all map rendering parts: viewport, titles, legends, distance scale, color scale.
InterfaceTile of map tile layer
InterfaceMap layer with image tiles as data.
InterfaceProvider of tiles of particular tile layer
InterfaceTemprorary solution for sync tiles loading
InterfaceRepresents the map title.
InterfaceMap layer with spatial data rendering item.
InterfaceMapViewport main view rendering settings.
InterfaceMap viewport rendering item.
StructureTile identifier
EnumerationThe map coordinate system.
EnumerationIndicates whether the content will resize to fit in the available space.
EnumerationIndicates the positioning of the color scale labels.
EnumerationIndicates the labels placement along the color bar.
EnumerationPossible label positions for map meridians/parallels.
EnumerationThe arrangement of labels within the legend.
EnumerationSpecifies the style for legend rendering.
EnumerationIndicates what type of separator to use for the legend title.
EnumerationDefines the label placement for the line.
EnumerationDefines the label placement for the marker.
EnumerationDefines the point marker.
EnumerationIndicates the label placement of the polygon
EnumerationIndicates the visibility mode of map polygon label.
EnumerationThe position of the docakable subitem.
EnumerationThe map projection.
EnumerationIndicates the tiles style.
EnumerationDefines the unit for both width and height.
EnumerationSpecify the type of the MapViewport.MapView.
EnumerationIndicates the layer visibility mode.
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