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GeometryType Enumeration

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Defines the geometry types according to OGC Simple Access specification.
Public Enum GeometryType 
   Inherits System.Enum
public enum GeometryType : System.Enum 
CircularStringThe CircularString is the basic curve type, similar to a LINESTRING in the linear world. A single segment required three points, the start and end points (first and third) and any other point on the arc.
CompoundCurveA compound curve is a single, continuous curve that has both curved (circular) segments and linear segments.
Curve1-dimensional geometric object usually stored as a sequence of Points.
CurvePolygonA CurvePolygon is just like a polygon, with an outer ring and zero or more inner rings. The difference is that a ring can take the form of a circular string, linear string or compound string.
GeometryCollectionGeometric object that is a collection of some number of geometric objects.
LineStringCurve with linear interpolation between Points.
MultiCurve1-dimensional GeometryCollection whose elements are Curves.
MultiLineStringMultiCurve whose elements are LineStrings.
MultiPoint0-dimensional GeometryCollection.
MultiPolygonMultiSurface whose elements are Polygons.
MultiSurface2-dimensional GeometryCollection whose elements are Surfaces.
Point0-dimensional geometric object and represents a single location in coordinate space.
PolygonPlanar Surface defined by 1 exterior boundary and 0 or more interior boundaries.
PolyhedralSurfaceContiguous collection of Polygons, which share common boundary segments.
Surface2-dimensional geometric object.
TinContiguous collection of Triangles, which share common boundary segments.
TriangleSpecial tringle Polygon.
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