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GrapeCity.ActiveReports.Extensibility.v12 Assembly : GrapeCity.ActiveReports.Extensibility.Layout Namespace
The GrapeCity.ActiveReports.Extensibility.Layout namespace includes the classes that are used at the time of creating layouts for reports.
ClassThe ColumnInfo class holds information about a multi-column layout.
ClassThis is an abstract class that the ReportItem's layout manager creates, interprets and uses to denote a range with a logical beginning and end in its underlying content.
ClassSpecifies the class used to implement layout services for a component.
ClassSupported page information.
InterfaceRepresents visual styles for all borders.
InterfaceRepresents a basic content range interface.
InterfaceRepresents a virtual grid composed from the IGridCell
InterfaceRepresents a single cell in the virtual grid.
InterfaceSpecifies an area that contains a layout.
Specifies an area that contains a layout and provides collapsing support for hidden items inside layout area.
InterfaceDefines the layout engine public interface.
InterfaceSummary description for ILayoutEngineFactory.
InterfaceImplement this interface on ReportItem to provide custom layout logic or to support advanced layout features such as pagination.
InterfaceInterface for layout page.
InterfaceSpecial service to support valid page numbers calculation during rendering.
InterfaceInterface for layout sections.
InterfaceThe interface for the layout tree.
InterfaceThe interface for the report layout.
InterfaceRepresents a resolve method for spanned cells of the grid
InterfacePublic interface to a table. Basically just an ordered collection of TableRows.
InterfacePublic interface to an individual cell in a table.
InterfacePublic interface to a row in a table. Basically just an ordered collection of TableCells.
InterfaceInterface to encapsulate target device properties and features, including, but not limited: - avail. fonts; - font/color mapping; - conversion of logical units to physical (dpi); - etc.
Encapsulates information about cell column/row spans.
StructureDescribes the target rendering device capabilities for a specific set of features.
StructureContains information about the part of the layout area in which a mouse click occurs.
StructureEncapsulates information about layout operations for the report item to provide input for the ILayoutManager interface.
StructureDefines target device and other layout operation properties.
StructureEncapsulates the output of layout manager operations.
Encapsulates intermediate result (current state) of layout operation.
DelegateSpecifies notification callback for layout operation.
EnumerationAll of the features recognized by the layout engine. This enumeration is used with the ITargetDevice.Item property to locate rendering device capabilities.
EnumerationSpecifes which area is hit. This enumeration is used with the HitTestInfo.HitTestResult property to determine where a mouse click occurs.
EnumerationSpecifies what layout options are available for the report item. This enumeration is used with the ILayoutManager.Capabilities property.
EnumerationSpecifies the direction in which the layout runs on the current page. This enumeration is used with the LayoutContext.LayoutDirection property.
EnumerationIndicates the progress of the layout operation. This enumeration is used with the LayoutResult.LayoutStatus property.
EnumerationEnum with kinds of method to indicate spanned cells
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