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UnMerge Method

GrapeCity.ActiveReports.Export.Excel.v12 Assembly > GrapeCity.SpreadBuilder.Cells Namespace > DDCell Class : UnMerge Method
Causes the cell and all cells that are currently merged with it to separate and behave as independent cells with their own values and styles.
Public Sub UnMerge() 
public void UnMerge()
private void btnSpread_Click(object sender, System.EventArgs e)
    //Dimension a Workbook and add a sheet to its Sheets collection
    GrapeCity.SpreadBuilder.Workbook sb = new GrapeCity.SpreadBuilder.Workbook();
    //Set up properties and values for columns, rows and cells as desired
    sb.Sheets[0].Name = "Customer Call List";
    sb.Sheets[0].Columns(0).Width = 2 * 1440;
    sb.Sheets[0].Columns(1).Width = 1440;
    sb.Sheets[0].Columns(2).Width = 1440;
    sb.Sheets[0].Rows(0).Height = 1440/4;
    //Header row
    sb.Sheets[0].Cell(0,0).SetValue("Company Name");
    sb.Sheets[0].Cell(0,0).FontBold = true;
    sb.Sheets[0].Cell(0, 0).Merge(0, 1);
    sb.Sheets[0].Cell(0,1).SetValue("Contact Name");
    sb.Sheets[0].Cell(0,1).FontBold = true;
    sb.Sheets[0].Cell(0,2).FontBold = true;
    //First row of data
    sb.Sheets[0].Cell(1,2).SetValue("(614) 895-3142");
    if (sb.Sheets[0].IsMerged(0, 0))
        sb.Sheets[0].Cell(0, 0).UnMerge();
    //Save the Workbook to an Excel file
    sb.Save (Application.StartupPath + @"\x.xls");
    MessageBox.Show("Your Spreadsheet, " + sb.Sheets[0].Columns(0).OwnerSheet.Name + ", has been saved to " + Application.StartupPath + "\\x.xls");
Private Sub btnSpread_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles btnSpread.Click
    'Dimension a Workbook and add a sheet to its Sheets collection
    Dim sb As New GrapeCity.SpreadBuilder.Workbook
    'Set up properties and values for columns, rows and cells as desired
    With sb.Sheets(0)
        .Name = "Customer Call List"
        .Columns(0).Width = 2 * 1440
        .Columns(1).Width = 1440
        .Columns(2).Width = 1440
        .Rows(0).Height = 1440 / 4
        'Header row
        .Cell(0, 0).SetValue("Company Name")
        .Cell(0, 0).FontBold = True
        .Cell(0, 0).Merge(0, 1)
        .Cell(0, 1).SetValue("Contact Name")
        .Cell(0, 1).FontBold = True
        .Cell(0, 2).SetValue("Phone")
        .Cell(0, 2).FontBold = True
        'First row of data
        .Cell(1, 0).SetValue("GrapeCity")
        .Cell(1, 1).SetValue("Mortimer")
        .Cell(1, 2).SetValue("(614) 895-3142")
     End With
    If sb.Sheets(0).IsMerged(0, 0) Then
        sb.Sheets(0).Cell(0, 0).UnMerge()
    End If
    'Save the Workbook to an Excel file
    sb.Save(Application.StartupPath & "\x.xls")
    MsgBox("Your Spreadsheet, " & sb.Sheets(0).Columns(0).OwnerSheet.Name & ", has been saved to " & Application.StartupPath & "\x.xls")
End Sub
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