ActiveReports 12
Format Property (LabelInfo)

GrapeCity.ActiveReports.Chart.v12 Assembly > GrapeCity.ActiveReports.Chart Namespace > LabelInfo Class : Format Property
Gets or sets the format string used to draw the label. Note that label shows no data if Format property is set to an empty string.
Public Property Format As String
public string Format {get; set;}

The ActiveReports chart control use standard Visual Studio .NET formatting syntax. The format is {Tag : Format}. For example, {Value:C} would format the text as currency. {Value:D} would format the text as a date.

Tag (variable) Description Example
Index Point's index
Value Data value. The same as Value0 for category-based renderers, Value2 - for BubbleXY graphs, etc. {Value}
Value# [1] Zero-based integer indicating series value. {Value0}
Total Series total (sum of all points in this series)
Pct Is equal to Value/Total
Pct[#] Is equal to Value#/Total
Xvalue Point's X-value. X-value for XY-charts. The same as point index for category based charts.
PTotal Sum of all series values on this layer for this point
PPct Is equal to Value/PointTotal

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