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Web Viewer (ASP.NET)
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Professional Edition

With the Professional Edition license, you can use the WebViewer control to quickly display reports in any of four viewer types: HtmlViewer, RawHtml, AcrobatReader, or FlashViewer. You can also use the the Silverlight Viewer control in Silverlight projects.


In this section

Getting Started with the Web Viewer
Explore the ways that the WebViewer control can save you time.
Using the HTML Viewer
Learn about the features available with the HTML viewer, including parameters, table of contents, search, and the toolbar.
Using Javascript with the HTML Viewer
Learn about how you can use HTML Viewer using Javascript.
Flash Viewer
Learn about the features available with the Flash viewer.

Standard Edition

With the Standard Edition license, you can export reports to use on the Web or use Web Services to distribute reports or data sources. For more information on Web exporting, please see the Custom Web Exporting (Std Edition) section.