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There are a number of concepts that apply to page reports and RDL reports.

In this section

Learn about the report controls and data regions available in the ActiveReports 11 Page Report and ActiveReports 11 RDL Report group in the Visual Studio toolbox.
Data Sources and Datasets
Learn about the Data Sources you can access through ActiveReports and fetch data through DataSets along with an overview of the Report DataSource and DataSet dialogs.
Shared Data Sources
Learn about the concept of shared data sources and how to use them in ActiveReports.
Server Shared Data Sets
Learn about the concept of server shared data sets and how to use them in ActiveReports.
Learn about setting expressions in reports and creating expression through the Expression Editor.
Learn about using Layers a in reports and it's advantages.
Learn about using Styles in a reports and it's advantages.
Using Script
Learn about embedding code in the script tab to extend the features in your reports.
Report Dialog
Learn about the various options provided in Report Dialog.
FixedPage Dialog
Learn about the various options provided in FixedPage Dialog.
Grouping Data (Page Layout)
Learn about the various options provided for grouping data in ActiveReports.
Add Page Numbering
Learn about the various pre-defined formats or creating custom formats to display page numbers in reports.
Learn about creating themes to define the appearance of reports, and apply the themes to any number of reports for a consistent look.
Master Reports (RDL)
Learn about using master reports to create a reusable template of common elements you can apply to other reports.
Data Visualizers
Learn about a number of ways to make your data pop using small graphs in images and background colors.
Custom Resource Locator
Learn about the ResourceLocator class that allows you to find resources on your machine for use in your RDL reports.
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