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Providing Cell Notes
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Providing Cell Notes


You can attach a note to a cell to contain text such as a comment, a question, or documentation describing the origin of the cell's value. A cell with a note attached displays a small red square (cell note indicator) in the upper right corner of the cell, as shown in the following figure.

Cell notes are displayed in a similar manner as text tips. When the pointer is over the cell note indicator, the cell note text appears.

When the control displays the cell note, the TextTipFetch event occurs. You can display both text tips and cell notes for a cell. You can use the IsFetchCellNote method within the TextTipFetch event to determine if the event was fired for a cell note or a text tip and to show and modify the cell notes or text tips accordingly.

You can change the cell note color (CellNoteIndicatorColor property). The shape can be a square or a triangle (CellNoteIndicatorShape property).

  • Use caution in choosing a red color as the background for a cell that could contain a cell note. The cell note indicator could be invisible against a red background.
  • The cell note indicator does not appear when the cell is in edit mode.

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