ComponentOne VSView Reporting Edition
Using ComponentOne ActiveX Controls in the .NET Framework

All of the ComponentOne ActiveX controls are supported in the Microsoft .NET Framework. To use a ComponentOne ActiveX control in Visual Studio, follow these steps:

  1. Open Visual Studio and select File | New | Project. The New Project dialog box opens.

  2. Under Installed Templates, expand the desired programming language node, and select Windows. Note that you may need to expand Other Languages to find the language you want to use.

  3. Select a .NET Framework version, and then select Windows Forms Application.

  4. Enter a project name in the Name field, enter or browse for a project location in the Location field, and then click OK. A new Microsoft Visual Studio .NET project is created in the specified location.

  5. Make sure the Toolbox is visible (if necessary, select Toolbox in the View menu).

  6. To place the ComponentOne ActiveX components on their own tab, right-click anywhere in the Toolbox and select Add Tab from the context menu.

  7. Enter a tab name, for example “C1 ActiveX”, in the caption text box and click OK.

  8. Right-click the tab and select Choose Items.

  9. Click the COM Components tab, click the Name header to sort alphabetically, and scroll to find the ComponentOne controls.


  10. 10.  Select the checkbox next to any of the ComponentOne ActiveX controls that you would like to add to the Toolbox and click OK.

  11. 11.  Drag the control from the Toolbox onto the form.

Smart Tags and Tasks Menus

You can invoke each control's Tasks menu by clicking the smart tag () in the upper-right corner of the control. A smart tag represents a short-cut tasks menu that provides the most commonly used properties in each control. For example, here is the Chart 8.0 2D control's Tasks menu:

Context Menus

You can invoke each control's context menu by right-clicking the control in Design view. The context menu provides access to common actions when using the control.



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