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PaperHeight Property

Returns or sets the height of a custom paper size, in twips.


[form!]VSPrinter.PaperHeight[ = value As Single ]


Sets or returns the physical size of the paper set up for the printing device; not available at design time.

The PaperHeight and PaperWidth properties can only be set on printers that allow custom paper sizes. Most printers no not, and you have to select the paper size using the PaperSize property from a list of available standard sizes. If you set these properties and the printer driver doesn't allow custom paper sizes, no error occurs and the size of the paper remains as it was.

If you set PaperHeight and PaperWidth properties for a printer driver that allows only certain values to be specified, no error occurs and the property is set to whatever the driver allows. For example, you could set PaperHeight to 150 and the driver would set it to 144.

Setting the PaperHeight or PaperWidth properties automatically sets the PaperSize property to pprUser (256).

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