ComponentOne VSView 8.0
PageBorder Property

Returns or sets the type of border to draw around each page.


[form!]VSPrinter.PageBorder[ = PageBorderSettings ]


The border is drawn using the current pen. Its color, style, and thickness are determined by the PenColor, PenStyle, and PenWidth properties. The distance between the border and the edges of the page is determined by the MarginLeft, MarginTop, MarginRight, and MarginBottom properties.

The following image shows valid settings for the PageBorder property and their effect:


Note: For single-column documents, settings pbColumns, pbColTopBottom, pbAll, pbColTop, and pbColBottom have the same effect as pbNone, pbBottom, pbTop, pbTopBottom, and pbBox.

Data Type

PageBorderSettings (Enumeration)

Default Value

pbNone (0)



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