ComponentOne VSView 8.0
NavBar Property

Returns or sets whether to display the document navigation bar.


[form!]VSPrinter.NavBar[ = NavBarSettings ]


The NavBar property controls the position and configuration of the optional built-in preview navigation bar. Valid settings are:







Do not display the navigation bar.



Display a simple navigation bar at the top of the control.



Display a simple navigation bar at the bottom of the control.



Display a complete navigation bar at the top of the control (including a Print button). This is the default setting.



Display a complete navigation bar at the bottom of the control (including a Print button).


The following diagram shows the elements that make up a typical navigation bar:

The buttons on the left of the navigation bar are used to switch pages. Keeping them pressed for about a second causes the pages to start switching continuously, so it is easy to move from page 1 to page 20, for example. The digits between the buttons show the current page and the total page count.

The drop-down list on the right of the navigation bar is used for zooming. Clicking the buttons toggles the zoom factor between 100% and full-page preview. To select other zoom factors, the user may click on the drop-down button and select the zoom factor from the menu.

Although the picture does not show it, the navigation bar may include a Print button. Clicking the Print button shows a print dialog and allows the user to print the document.

The navigation bar may also include a custom caption specified by the NavBarText property. The color of the bar can be changed using the NavBarColor property.

The navigation bar is very useful because it allows users to instantly see where they are in a document, to go to a specific page, or to set the zoom factor they prefer. Although these tasks can also be accomplished using the mouse or the keyboard, the navigation bar is visual and thus easier to use. If you choose to implement your own user interface for preview navigation, simply set the NavBar property to vpnbNone.

Data Type

NavBarSettings (Enumeration)

Default Value

3 (vpnbTopPrint)



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