ComponentOne VSView 8.0
NavBarMenuText Property

Returns or sets the text that appears on the NavBar Zoom menu.


[form!]VSPrinter.NavBarMenuText[ = value As String ]


This property allows you to customize the text that appears on the navigation bar's zoom menu. This is especially useful for developers working with languages other than English.

The navigation bar's zoom menu has ten items, including a separator. The four items before the separator are used to select the zoom mode (whole page, page width, two pages, or thumbnails). The five items after the separator are used to select predefined zoom levels.

The NavBarMenuText property contains the text for the first four items, separated by pipe characters ("|"). The remaining items cannot be customized.

For example, an application designed to run in Portuguese might customize the menu text using this code:

vp.NavBarMenuText = "&Página Inteira|&Largura de Página|" & _

                    "&Duas Páginas|&Multi-Página"

To fully localize the VSPrinter control, you should also set the following properties: AbortCaption, AbortTextButton, AbortTextDevice, and AbortTextPage.

Note: Setting this property to an empty string restores it default value.

Data Type


Default Value

"Whole &Page|Page &Width|&Two Pages|Thumb&nail"



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