ComponentOne True DBInput Pro 8.0
TrailAttribute Property (TDBCalendar)

The TrailAttribute property is used to determine the attribute settings to use for days that are trailing from the previous month and next month. The built-in "TrailAttrib" attribute style will be set by default. To setup a style set, the Add method in the AttribStylesCollection can be used. And also, the Item() property in the same object can be used to make the other detail settings.


TDBCalendar.TrailAttribute= variant

Read/Write at run time and design time.


The TrailAttribute property is defined as a variant type, so the property can be used in the following three ways:

Calendar.TrailAttribute = 1 ' Item 1 in AttribStyles collection

Calendar.TrailAttribute = "TrailAttrib"

Set Calendar.TrailAttribute = _


When the month specified in the MaxDate or MinDate property is displayed in the calendar, the days that are out of the range will be displayed with the attributes specified in this property.

When the month day area is using a 3D effect, the background color specified in the attribute setting will also appear as 3D.

When nothing is set in the TrailAttribute property (set to Null), a default attribute style registered in the control (AttribStylesCollection) will be used instead.



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