ComponentOne True DBInput Pro 8.0
SelectWhat Property (TDBCalendar)

The SelectWhat property determines the type of dates that can be selected.


TDBCalendar.SelectWhat= value

Read/Write at run time and design time.


Design Time

Run Time

0 - Any day (Default)


1 - Workday


2 - Holiday



When SelectWhat is set to 0- Any day, any dates can be selected in the calendar control, and usually this will be the setting. When set to 1- Workdays, only workdays can be selected, and all holidays and weekend days will be ignored. When set to 2- Holidays, all holidays and weekend days can be selected.

If the calendar control is in multiple selection mode, all selected dates will be added to the Selections collection property, and Value property for single selection mode.

When SelectWhat is set to something other than "0- Any day", the focus rectangle can locate on a date that cannot be selected, but will not be selected.



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