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PasswordChar Property (TDBText)


TDBText.PasswordChar= string

Read/Write at run time and design time.


Zero-length string ("") is the default


The PasswordChar property can be used to create a password field in a dialog box. Although you can use any SBCS character, most Windows-based applications use the asterisk (*) (Chr(42)). This property does not affect the Text property.

Text contains exactly what the user types or what was set from code. Setting the PasswordChar to a zero-length string ("), which is the default, will display the actual text in the control.

This property allows only one character to be set. All others will be ignored.

If the MultiLine property is set to True, setting the PasswordChar will have no effect.

Applying a character to the PasswordChar property will automatically set the IMEMode property to 3-Disabled. If you try changing the IMEMode setting through the Property Page or by code, the control will automatically set it back to 3-Disabled.

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