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MultiLine Property (TDBText)

Sets/returns whether the control can accept and display multiple lines of text; a multiple-line control wraps text as the user types text extending beyond the text box.



Read/Write at design time. Read-only at run time.


True - Allows multiple lines of text.

False - Ignores carriage returns and restricts data to a single line. (Default)


You can also add scroll bars to larger controls using the ScrollBars property. If no horizontal scroll bar is specified, the text in a multiple-line control automatically wraps.

If the MultiLine property is set to True, the DropDown object will be completely disabled. The drop-down feature is supported only when the control is set to the single-line mode.

On a form with no default buttons, pressing Enter will cause the focus to move to the next line in a multiple-line control. If a default button exists, you must press Ctrl+Enter to move to the next line. Also, to insert a tab, you must press Ctrl+Tab.

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