ComponentOne True DBInput Pro 8.0
Features of the TDBNumLite Control

The TDBNumLite control allows you to create a profession, functional numeric input interface for end users quickly and easily, without the use of complicated formats or prior knowledge of format patterns and keywords. This control provides the ability to input positive and negative values, customize negative display patterns, and perform automatic character filtering.

The valid ranges for inputting are from -999999999999999 to 999999999999999, for a maximum total of fifteen digits. The number of integral and decimal digits that are allowed can change as the user enters values, and can vary depending on the number of integral or decimal digits already existing. For example, with an existing value such as 12345.6 in the control, nine more integral or decimal digits may be entered.

This section describes the following TDBNumLite control features:

Data Binding Feature

The data binding functionality, which is supported by Visual Basic, is now also supported by the TDBNumLite control. With data binding, a number value can be retrieved from any field in the database and displayed in the control, or entered number values can be stored into the database.

Automatic Character Filtering

The TDBNumLite control reduce coding time with automatic character filtering for allowable characters, (numeric, numeric symbols), and number validation. The TDBNumLite control's number validation feature eliminates character-by-character validation for nonnumeric characters during data entry, thus reducing coding time.

Color Display for Negative Numbers

By setting the NegativeColor property in the TDBNumLite control, negative numbers can be displayed in color.

Range Checking

The TDBNumLite control provides range checking with the MinValue and MaxValue properties when moving the focus to a different control.  This provides validation of value entry and will not allow the user to enter a value out of range.  For example, hours worked for a fourteen day period can be required to fall between 1 and 140, all other values would be invalid.

Action Keys

The TDBNumLite control provides action keys to contribute to a more efficient run time.  You can customize navigation by setting the properties in the Key object. The NextCtrl property in the Key object can define a key to move the focus to the next tab ordering control.



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