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AutoConvert Property (TDBText)

Sets/returns whether to automatically convert the entered characters according to the input mask.


control.AutoConvert= boolean

Read/Write at run time and design time.


If setting the AutoConvert property to True, all convertible characters will be automatically converted accordingly to the input mask. For example, if set the input mask to  "A", by hitting a lower case character the control automatically converts the character into an upper case.

If setting the AutoConvert property to False, no conversion will be processed.

If SBCS is entered in a DBCS mask input, the entered character will be automatically converted to DBCS. Also a DBCS space will be automatically converted to a SBCS space when the control allows only SBCS.

The settings of this property will take effect in the drop-down edit window.

The sequence logic for the AutoConvert property is as follows:

First convert from Upper/Lower to Lower/Upper.

If it cannot be converted, then convert from DBCS/SBCS to SBCS/DBCS.

If it still cannot be converted, then convert from:

DBCSUpper/DBCSLower/SBCSUpper/SBCSLower to


The SBCSKatakana, DBCSKatakana and Hiragana are converted as:

SBCSKatakana, DBCSKatakana, Hiragana

DBCSKatakana, SBCSKatakana, Hiragana

Hiragana, DBCSKatakana, SBCSKatakana

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