ComponentOne True DBInput Pro 8.0
Attributes Property Page (TDBCalendar)

The TDBCalendar control's Attributes property page is used to set up styles that change the attributes of the drawing styles. Insert and Remove buttons are provided to add and remove styles easily. Attribute styles changes the control's text attributes such as bold, underline, the text color, and so on. They can all be set easily using this property page.

The following list describes each property that can be set in the Attributes property page:



Indicates the style's position in the collection; can add more numbers as needed.


A string that uniquely identifies a member in a collection.


Click to open the color dialog box.


Click to open the color dialog box.


Insert a new style at current location.


Remove the current style.

Text as Bold

Check to apply the Bold effect.

Text with Underline

Check to apply the Underline effect.



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