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AlignHorizontal Property (Caption)

The AlignHorizontal property determines where the text should be aligned horizontally in the specified area.The text displayed in the control can be aligned horizontally by setting this property. It will be displayed within the area prescribed by the margin related properties. Absolute text positioning can be adjusted by using the margin related properties together with this property.


object.AlignHorizontal= value

Read/Write at run time and design time.


Design Time

Run Time

0 - Left (Default)


1 - Right


2 - Center


3 - Justify



The text will be aligned within the space specified by the Size property or the width of the control, depending on the setting of the Position property.

The settings of this property will not take effect in the drop down edit window. The text in the edit window will be aligned to the left.

The text will not wrap when it exceeds the size of the displaying area.

In the previous version, this property was named Alignment, and was used for both horizontal and vertical setting. But now, these settings are available through different properties – AlignHorizontal and AlignVertical.

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