ComponentOne Sizer 8.0
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The ComponentOne SizerOne 8.0 package consists of three custom controls:

The C1Elastic Control

The C1Elastic control is extremely flexible. By itself, it allows you to display text, pictures, and a progress indicator bar, working as a powerful replacement for several basic controls that ship with Visual Basic.

The real power of the Elastic control shows when you use it as a container for other controls. It exposes a rich set of properties that allow you to automatically align, resize, label and frame the child controls, making it very easy to design and implement resolution-independent, resizable forms with no code behind them.

For more information, see The C1Elastic Control.

The C1Tab Control

With the C1Tab control, it only takes a few minutes (and no code whatsoever) to create fully functional tab-based interfaces.

For more information, see The C1Tab Control.

The C1Awk Control

The C1Awk control allows you to quickly scan and parse text files. It is the ideal tool for doing simple data manipulation -- changing its format, checking its validity, retrieving items, generating reports, and the like -- without having to write a lot of code to scan and parse files.

For more information, see The C1Awk Control.



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